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Sulphur Pond Adventure

For groups or charter only.
Minimum 6 persons / Maximum 10 persons per jeep.

Price & Specific Route Stops

A drive through St. George's on a busy morning, starts the day of relaxation and fun! Continuing along the scenic coast road, through the islands center to the island's natural wonders.Click Here for more detailed

Experience the relaxing sulphur pond. The old folks tales, tells of it's healing and soothing powers. Some even tell of its positive effects on the aging process, but for us, we simply enjoy the therapeutic ambiance of the warm water, sounds of nature, the running water in the streams, chirping of the birds and so much more!

Located deep into the islands interior, surrounded by lush rainforest and complimented by the nutmeg plantation lands. One can smell the fragrance of the spices as you enjoy the sulphur pond.

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